Technical Competence Center

The specialists on site and at the locations are supported by a central team of the Technical Competence Center (TCC).
The TCC combines knowledge from the areas of measurement technology, equipment technology, technical services, the technical office and process engineering. The networking in the TCC results in valuable synergies, which directly result in technical and strategic developments.

Measurement technology

Extensive and complex construction tasks under cost pressure must be quickly and efficiently carried out with the lowest possible technical risk. Thanks to a measurement process developed in-house, our measurement technology offers early quality assurance. The development of recent years in the area of IT and sensors has enabled powerful systems, which meet today’s requirements of flexibility, data volume and easy operation.
Through the innovative development of our measurement process, we were able to consistently increase the number of orders from external companies and building authorities in recent years and take a leading position in the foundation engineering market.
We offer the following services:

  • Non-destructive test methods in the construction sector
  • Orientation measurement in building ground
  • Thermal leakage detection in excavation pits
  • in situ diameter determination with jet grouting
  • and much more.

Equipment technology

Foundation engineering equipment technology is a service unit for all aspects of construction machines and equipment for all building sites with foundation engineering.
The needs-oriented equipment pool allows the equipment technology service unit to provide the optimum equipment for all construction work at the desired time.
The construction site service of the equipment technology service unit comprises consulting in equipment technology design, construction site installation, support for the construction site during all construction phases, clearing of construction sites as well as equipment technology follow-up work.
Our modern equipment pool allows us to cover virtually the entire service range of Special foundations.

Process Technology

Foundation engineering process technology is a service unit for all aspects of the construction process of Special foundations and supports the operating units in all areas of project execution, from bid processing to project completion.
The core tasks of the process technology service unit include:


  • Process selection and design from bid processing to construction
  • Support in bid processing and work preparation
  • Support in project execution and technical issues
  • Support for equipment technology in the project planning of new equipment
  • Definition of execution standards and standard equipment
  • Coordination and documentation of further development
  • Quality assurance / quality assurance forms
  • Process-related employee training

Technical office (planning tasks)

Our technical office services as a cross-regional planning unit for national and international construction projects. Its specialists cover the entire range of the specialist areas in foundation engineering - in particular in the areas of excavation pit construction and foundations.
Range of services:


  • Structural design
  • Bid processing
  • Development of alternative offers and proposals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Process consulting for architects, engineering offices and customers
  • Design, approval and execution planning
  • Specification drafting
  • 3D visualization



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